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So, for those of you who don’t know my dear little twenty-month-old baby number three, let me tell you he’s my “active child”. For those of you who don’t know dear little babies one and two, well, let me tell you, that’s saying something.

He likes to explore. He is not scared of strangers. And he’s fast.

And … AND … Mom and Dad have two other kids and six years of parenting experience lulling them into a false sense of security.

He once made a friend at the playground and tried to go home with him. He was very upset when the strangers wouldn’t let him into their car.

A few weeks ago he walked into the middle of a pickup basketball game at the park and took the ball. These big tatted dudes spent the next three minutes tossing the ball with him.

A couple of months ago he was playing happily in the donut room after church with the other kids. When we looked up he was gone. After a five-minute search we found him up in the balcony drinking the little cups of leftover communion wine.

And today, YES!, today he disappeared after Mom’s group. My younger two stepped out of the nursery behind me in a group of other kids. I turned for his shoes and when I turned back he was gone. I searched the gym. I searched both locker rooms. I went up the stairs. He was nowhere.

I began to freak out and enlisted my mom friends to help me. I went to the guys unloading equipment out a side door and asked them to please look out for a little boy in a yellow sweatshirt. I went to the balcony and alerted the quilting ladies to please hold onto him if they found him.

It may have been as long as ten minutes. It felt like forever.

And then someone decided to use the elevator. And there’s my boy, with the emergency panel open conversing with the first responder on the other end.

Of course, you feel better instantly as you do in these situations. As Ma would say to Pa, “Well, all’s well that ends well.” And they almost died frequently out on the prairie. Being stuck in an elevator for ten minutes would have hardly been worthy of the proverb.

I hugged and kissed my little bolter. My friend apologized to the first responder. Maybe it was my emotion, maybe it was being stuck in an elevator for ten minutes and unable to reach the “1”, whatever it was my boy was rather subdued on the way home.

I am not in high hopes that he has learned any lesson, but I certainly hope his Mommy has. I thought this post was going to end up being funny. But reliving it has just made me exhausted all over again. Goodnight!

Lent Week 2: The Word…


Writing my little lent activity packet for my family has shown me that I need to immerse myself more in the earthly ministry of Jesus. So, that’s what I’m doing this lent. I’m just gonna sit down and read the gospels like it’s a book. It reads differently when you read it like a novel.  I tend to be an Old Testament girl. I like the big picture. I like the story.

So, here is today’s lent activity for those of you following along. This morning I’m glad our God wants to be known and went to the trouble to write a whole book so that we have some tangible place to go to know him better.

You can find the previous week’s activity here, and Ash Wednesday’s here.

3/1 Lent Week 2: The Boy Jesus in the Temple

Where to find it:
A Child’s First Bible: p.168
Jesus Storybook Bible: There is no story for Jesus in the temple, but great stories to show how God values little children are p.136 “A little servant girl and the proud general” and p.256 “The Friend of little children”
Bible: Luke 2:41-47

Today is the second Sunday of Lent. Today we read the story of Jesus when he was a boy. His parents took him to church just like your parents take you to church. One time on a trip his parents couldn’t find him for a whole day! They had to walk all the way back to Jerusalem to find him. And where did they find him? They found him in the church talking with the teachers. Everyone was astonished at how much a twelve-year-old could know about God and the Bible.

Lent box activity:
Have a family member place the token for week 2 in the sand. It can be a small piece of paper with a Bible verse written on it rolled up to look like a scroll. A good verse to write would be John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Beginning questions:
Do you have lots of questions about Jesus and God?
Where do you go to find out about God?
How old do you have to be to read the Bible?

More questions:
How old were your parents when they began learning about Jesus?
From whom do you learn about Jesus and God?

Family Question:
What can we do to learn more about Jesus and God every day?

Family Activity:
This week try a family devotional every day. Whether you read a small Bible story or a psalm at breakfast, or add a Bible time before bed. What changes occur in your family dynamic when a daily devotional time is added. If you already do a daily Bible time try adding a prayer time during or right before a very stressful part of your day.

Pray as a family:
“God of Knowledge we thank you that you want to be known. Thank you for your Word, the Bible, that we have a place to go to find answers to our questions and find out who you are. Thank you for our leaders and friends that teach us more about you. Help us understand the Bible better and help us want to read it more. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”