I like the idea of an “about” page, the idea that you will get a better idea of who I am by knowing what I have about me.  In general the things that float about my physical person, and/or are sometimes attached, are my three children five and under, my husband James and, since he hates it when I don’t pick up, my phone. Always right behind these things sitting in a rosy pool of untouched light are mediums of all sorts: inks, gouges, paints and cloth. 

What do you have about you?

I was a Christian first, an artist and writer second, a wife next, and a mother most recently.  My current ambitions include surviving until naptime, writing a novel, getting it published, and illustrating my own picture book.

I would like to get to the point in my life where I can finish a day and be satisfied having accomplished nothing greater than walking with God. (I stole this from someone wise enough to think of desiring this in the first place.)

Our current adventure as a family looks like insanity as we move our family of five into a two-bedroom apartment in the Richmond district of San Francisco.  Can we do it? I remind myself that even if I had the most spacious mansion on the planet my three children would still be crammed into the bathroom with me while I pee.

Happy Reading,


My family.

My family.

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