Library Lego Day…


It’s lego day at the library and the kindly library lady and I have been chatting. We’ve been coming to the library after school every day so library-lady and I know each other by sight. She lives with her parents in the Sunset and has a son who just began kindergarten. She emigrated from China when she was fifteen. Her English is very good and we talk about how great it is to have a grandparent’s help and how much English her son picked up in preschool. And there are only two other Moms in the room. They are both chatting away offering structural advice to their children in different languages. The kindly library lady asks what languages they are speaking. One is speaking Thai, the other is speaking Czech. And suddenly the world is incredibly small that four mothers from four corners of the world can have as much in common as a lego table in the downstairs of a neighborhood library. And suddenly the world is incredibly large that I’m a suburban girl who speaks passable French and reads a mean Spanish billboard in a room with Thai, Chinese, and Czech speaking women. I love this city.

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