My emotions reached a point of sketching today. It’s pretty self explanatory. I obviously feel like I’m taking a lot in.


Not all that I am devouring is sharp edged and anxious. I was happy to find green life there, some refreshing blue. And I was happy to be able to count them, to write down their names and identify their ragged shapes. Some of the lines are old friends. Some of the lines are battle weary, old enemies that I have yet to force into retreat.

I am ingesting them all and trusting the one who inhabits my heart with the processing. And I point to my belly as I have the thought, like my daughter does when speaking of her heart, here in the middle. It feels as if you could place your hand there and feel it’s motion from the outside, the tangled bits coming undone and done up again. Green growing Barbara.

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  1. You make me happy. Thanks Barb for being you. Thank you God for making Barb. Really like the idea of ingesting it all! And letting Jesus make sense of it for my good and the rest of the body. ❤️

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