Good Friday…


Today is Good Friday. After a night spent getting up five times with two kids for things they could’ve got themselves I find myself looking forward to the dim of the service. I also find myself wondering if I will fall asleep. Holy day to you all.

Here is the lent box activity for today:

Good Friday: The Cross

Where to find it:
A Child’s First Bible: p.230
Jesus Storybook Bible: p.302 “The sun stops shining”
Bible: Mark 15:33-39, Hebrews 10:11-14

Today is Good Friday. Jesus was arrested like a criminal. Less than a week ago the people of Jerusalem were yelling, “Hosanna!” Now they were yelling, “Crucify him!” When Adam and Eve discovered they were naked, God killed a lamb and made them clothes. God’s people needed clothes again, but not for their bodies. This time they needed something to cover the shame of their hearts. Jesus was the perfect lamb that died to cover our sins. And when he died there was a mighty earthquake in Jerusalem and the temple curtain that kept the unholy and dirty people away from God’s holy place was ripped apart from top to bottom. There was no separation between us and God anymore. It was accomplished. Jesus died.

Lent box activity:
Have a family member place the nail, the token for Good Friday, in the sand. Lay the black cloth or fold the black construction paper over the cross to signify Jesus’ death. Place the container where the black cloth can be visible until Easter morning.

Beginning questions:
When do you feel close to God?
When can you talk to God?

More questions:
When have you felt far away from God?

Family Question:
How can we help each other to be closer to God?

Pray as a family:
“Crucified Lord, thank you for not running away from the difficult days of the cross. How great is your love for us that you would die for us while we were still sinners. Help us to take up our crosses every day. And let those behaviors and attitudes that you don’t like die in us. Help us to know deeper and wider how big your love is. Thank you for dying on a cross so that we could be near you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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