Week 6: Hosanna…


Here is this week’s lent box activity! Happy Palm Sunday!

3/29 Lent Week 6: Palm Sunday

Where to find it:

A Child’s First Bible: p.218

Jesus Storybook Bible: There is no story for Palm Sunday, but p.280 “Washed with tears” show how precious Jesus was to the people.

Bible: Matthew 21:6-11


Today is the sixth and last Sunday of Lent.  It is also the beginning of Holy Week.  Holy Week is the last week of Lent leading up to Easter.  Today is also known as Palm Sunday, the day when we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.  The families and children, old men and women, waved palm branches in the air and laid their cloaks on the ground so Jesus wouldn’t get dusty.  It was a parade for their very precious king.  They said, “Hosanna, hosanna in the highest!” Here was the king the people had been waiting for!  He had finally come!

Lent box activity: 

Have a family member place the token for week 6 in the sand.  It could be a palm branch, leaf, or you can cut out colorful strips of paper to represent cloaks.  Everyone could lay down a cloak at the foot of the cross.

Beginning questions:

What holidays and events do we celebrate with parades, shouting, and dancing?

If a king was going to come rescue you what weapons or armies do you think he would bring?

Did Jesus come with swords, guns, or armies?

More questions:

What did Jesus come to fight?  

If Jesus is king of our hearts how do we celebrate, sing, lay down our cloaks for him in our hearts?

Family Question: 

Is there anything we can take off the throne of our hearts to make room for Jesus to be king?  

Family Activity:  

Make open spaces this week in activity and busyness for God to speak to you and your family.  You may choose to forego a usual activity or spend a special time in nature.  You may decide to forego TV, music, or social media for the week.  You may chose to abstain from using  electricity for one hour before bedtime every night.  Ask that God uses the time to speak to you and prepare your hearts for the celebration of Easter.

Family Prayer: 

“King of Kings, God of Peace, who came to rescue us in our place of deepest need.  Thank you for being the king we need and not the king we want.  Thank you for demanding nothing less than the whole throne of our hearts.  We have seen your works and know they are wonderful. We celebrate you and shout Hosanna to our precious king! Amen” 

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