Week 3: The Baptism…


So far, this Lenten activity is going over gangbusters with the kids. They ask about it often throughout the week. I mean, I’m definitely finding ways to improve it. And when I put that dish of sand down things can get rather out of hand. However, I’m really liking it for us.

Here’s where you can find the previous activities:
Ash Wednesday
Week 1: The Nativity
Week 2: Jesus in the Temple

Happy and Holy Lent to you all!

3/8 Lent Week 3: Jesus’ Baptism

Where to find it:
A Child’s First Bible: p.170
Jesus Storybook Bible: p.200 “Heaven breaks through”
Bible: Matthew 3:13-17

Today is the third Sunday of Lent. Today we read about Jesus’ baptism. When God was preparing his rescue plan he sent prophets to tell his people that Jesus was coming. When Jesus was born he sent angels to tell the shepherds and a star to tell the wise men. God even sent John the Baptist to tell the world that he was finally here. And when Jesus was baptized God himself sent a dove and with his own voice told the people that Jesus was his son. By getting baptized Jesus was telling the whole world he was following God’s plan.

Lent box activity:
Have a family member place the token for week 3 in the sand. It can be a clear marble, a decorative glass stone, a small dove figurine, or a piece of foil cut into a teardrop shape to represent the waters of baptism.

Beginning questions:
Who does God say Jesus is?
Does God want us to know his plan?

More questions:
Have you ever told the world that you were following God?
When did your parents get baptized?
Did anything change for your parents after they were baptized?

Family question:
What is a behavior or habit in our family that changes or stops if we remember that we are new creations washed clean? Name calling? Yelling? Impatience? Unkindness? Busyness?

Family activity:
This week decide as a family on one behavior that needs to be washed out of your family, whining, arguing, unkindness, hitting, complaining, negativity, or sarcasm, for example. Decide together to eradicate this behavior by remembering and reminding each other that you are new creations in Christ.

Family Prayer:
“Saving Father, we thank you for your great power to redeem. We remember the way that you claimed your son Jesus at his baptism and we thank you for claiming us, too. We ask that you would give us the strength to claim you every day and live as those new creations washed clean. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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