Happy New Year’s Day.

We went down to South San Francisco last night. A friend down there has a place with a yard and a puppy. The kids and puppy were one unit of energy, bringing to mind an electron with it’s dual qualities of solid particles and waves, everywhere and, yet, nowhere.

At one point, my husband turned to me and said, “Man, if we had a yard they’d be playing out there all day long.”

I blinked slowly at him.

We made it back by ten, the kids conked out, and the husband and I made some whiskey sours and settled in to watch an episode of our current program.

Living in a city is funny. Sometimes you can forget just how many people are snug up next to you, how many lives really fit into four units over a garage. At midnight there was a roar and we paused our program to listen.

We went to the open window and listened to the celebration of so many lives, different parties, different places. Others, like us, silent and backlit, leaning out their windows into our common space of air, just listening, people whose interiors I had glimpsed, who couldn’t be called complete strangers.

The ships in the harbor blew their horns and the sound was surprisingly clear on the chill wind.

I like New Year’s, the holiday that looks forward. It’s one of the only holidays you don’t typically spend where you came from, with your family. You spend it with your chosen people, those who will be there, where you’re going.

Happy looking forward! Happy newness! Happy New Year!

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  1. Hi Barbara and Happy Looking Forward to the Newness of the Days To Come! I read every single one of your posts that arrive in my email. I look forward to them like I look forward to the next chapter in an engrossing book. At the end of each post I have this feeling like I want to gush all over you with comments like: WOW!, THAT IS SO TRUE!, WHAT AN INTERESTING SPIN ON …., OMG!!, HILARIOUS!!, WELL EXPRESSED!, HMM- I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT AND AM NOW GLAD TO PONDER THAT, I’M AMAZED AT YOUR ABILITY TO NAIL IT IN SUCH CLEVER AND TRUTHFUL PROSE!!!!, plus a lot more of that sort of gushy stuff. I’m quite envious of your writing ability, too. Because, to say I LOVE YOUR WRITING is just not enough to express how I really feel inside. To do me justice, I’d have to hire you to express it for me!! Grr…. Please know that, simply stated, I read you and you give me intense pleasure in your words. I feel so fortunate to get to know your insides so well from so far away. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    You have my sincerest adoration and love.
    Signed- a fellow wife, mother and artist.


    • Lorraine, that is one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. I am truly flattered and wish to return my admiration from afar! Hope to see you guys again very soon! Love, hugs and kisses to all the family!


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