Apartment Strategies…


I wouldn’t say we have a whole lot of extra space. No, I would not say that.

When an Amazon order comes in (toilet paper, soap, diapers) my children descend on it like locusts and tuck everything away for me. I can’t order too much because I can’t fit that much. Toilet paper and Kleenex boxes get stuffed like plaster into the cracks of my closet. I only order soap three bars at a time because I simply have no place to put them.

Well, our first Christmas here has highlighted this deficiency. I ordered most of the Christmas presents online. Thank goodness! The malls are on the other side of town and I have yet to be able to shop alone this season.

So, my trained children see the boxes, come in to open them, and hear their seemingly bipolar mother suddenly yelling, “No! Don’t open them! Leave them alone!” And the boxes get stacked up beside my bed. There is no room for me to unpack them into the closet. And I reject the idea of just wrapping everything and putting it under the tree already as anticlimactic.

But, after yesterday’s shopping there are loose presents. And baby is really good at finding things he can’t play with. So, now my room is latched and off limits. And we are one bedroom short for quiet time spaces.

As James and I like to say, “we don’t have no stupid babies”. They know why the parents’ room is suddenly off limits. I sigh a little. I guess there just can’t be too much mystery in a two bedroom apartment with a family of five. But that’s part of the magic, too, all of us falling over each other, stuffing bags under beds when someone walks in.

Yes, the anticipation is high around here, my friends. Merry twenty-second of December!

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