My dear friend Rachel Wagner’s kickstarter campaign has funded! Woohoo!

It’s not too late to be a funder, though. Follow the link and jump on the bandwagon. You’ll find a lot of happy beautiful people on there. Wink wink. Maybe if we get enough money we can actually buy a literal band-wagon. Dream big, people!

Rachel’s kickstarter page!

So, today I’m going to introduce you to a song from her last album. The song is the title song of the album called “Untold”.

The lyrics of “Untold” talk about fear and trust. Rachel and I have talked a lot about how much comes down to fear. Bringing out the wounds and confronting their ragged edges is scary. We fear rejection from others. We fear rejection from God. We fear because death is painful and death has to be the first step to resurrection. We fear that our dead places are beyond hope. And all of these come down to one insidious fear that God is not who he says he is.


“Fold it up, fold it in, tuck it away and then
No one will ever know
And the truth is alone, in your pocket of stone
And your hands are so cold

But who can you trust?
These words, are they enough?
Afraid you will say too much
So you stay untold

Looking out, looking in, looking away again
You don’t look him in the eyes
Staring down at the street, you trip over your feet
He catches you by surprise

But who can you trust?
These hands, are they enough?
Afraid you will lose too much
Will you stay untold?”


How many of our stories of healing and redemption lay untold because we let fear keep us from that first step?

I like to think back to all the times I have taken the crumpled packet out of my pocket that felt so heavy, and unfolding it slowly, letting the contents show to a compassionate God, to compassionate friends, letting the air and the light begin to heal it almost immediately. It’s something you have to prove. It’s something that you have to practice. It’s scary to unfold. And yet, how joyous to begin to be told.

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