As Far as Reviews Go, Ignorance is Bliss…


the real one

‘Tis the season to start checking my Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space accounts!

A few years back I set up all of my church skits individually on KDP. So worship directors and such can download a script if they need. Since most of my skits are Christmas skits I also made a Kindle Book of just Christmas skits. And then I went over to Create Space, drew a cover, and made a hardcopy Christmas skit book that can be ordered from Amazon.

So, come September my skits start selling, peaking the few weeks before Christmas, and trailing off around Easter. I well remember my Dad’s search every year for new Christmas monologues to perform in church services, so I know they’re needed somewhere.

Last year I made about a hundred dollars, which isn’t bad considering I make 33 cents off a single skit (I can’t sell them for less than 99 cents). This also isn’t bad considering my reviews are simply awful!

Seriously, I made a plan long ago never to read my own reviews. But last Christmas I was so surprised when they started to sell again that I thought I’d go check it out.

The best one was from my friend, which was nice. (Bless you, Adam!) But they just go downhill from there. One says it was too short. One says it was uninspiring. One wonders if I am an atheist?!

And this is the worst one:

“This product wasn’t even worth the dollar I paid for it. Besides the poor writing this author was more concerned with advancing a political cause than portraying the spirit of the holiday season. I highly recommend that she give up writing dramas and labeling them as Christian when they are actually political commentary. It’s unfortunate that Amazon won’t let me rate this as zero stars because that’s what it deserves.”

I couldn’t help laughing, I mean, really laughing. That review was for my Three Wise Men skit. It makes you want to read it, doesn’t it? I mean, now you’re just a little curious, right? I reread that skit after I saw the review, but I still can’t tell what the heck they might’ve been referencing.

So, now I’m surprised when I sell any of them at all! But, sure enough, here it’s October and sales are ramping up.

It’s exciting to make money off of my writing, even if it’s just a little bit. I mean, that’s the dream, right?

I still get excited thinking about churches across the country performing my skits in December. But now I wonder the teeniest bit, how many purchasers are just too lazy to return my uninspired atheist propaganda?

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  1. How awesome for you!! I would completely ignore that review too. Anyone can look at your script and therefore anyone can say whatsoever they chose. I would imagine it is wonderful, but sales alone can tell you that. 🙂


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