Hebrews 10:14…


My favorite Bible verse, currently, is Hebrews 10:14: “For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.”

Since I have admitted my need and accepted Jesus he covers me. When God looks at me, whenever he looks at me, he sees Jesus. I am perfect as Jesus was perfect every minute of every day, in dark, in light, I am Jesus, he’s my brother.

I have been perfected. Even as I am being made holy, even as I get angry and lose my temper and am cruel and selfish, even as I strive to conquer self and bring all my little wills into submission to God, even as I am in the process of being made holy. God did not withhold his fellowship until I became perfect, he made me perfect and is in fellowship with me even now as I am being made holy.

Just as the Israelites found themselves in the promise land but still had to conquer the land, grow to fill the land, and drive out the unrighteous. So I am in the promised position of perfect sanctification, even as I drive out my own will and replace it with Jesus’s.

And this is what it means to me to say his grace is sufficient. It is enough in any given moment to bridge the gap, whatever amount there lies, between me and perfection. Not that perfection is something I attain to, in and of itself, but that in perfection is the only place where I can boldly approach the God of all perfection, all morality, all justice, and truth and rest with him in his presence.

This is my God, who by his very nature could not compromise that part of himself that required perfection of us, despite his great love and longing for us. This is my God, who sent a river of life in Jesus to the desert of Earth to give us a way to be perfect in every moment because he didn’t want to wait anymore.

So we could dive elbows deep together into the messy work of making me holy.

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