I wrote a note to my good friend last week. Everything else was packed except these blank notecards so I decided to draw a little picture on the front. I should definitely make a habit of this.


The image was not a new one. I drew it on Ash Wednesday a few years back as I was emerging out of a new baby fog and admiring my new wings as a mother of two. It seemed appropriate again, this picture of rebirth.

Ash Wednesday Sketch

Ash Wednesday Sketch

The old must die so that the new might live.

I’ve been repeating this to myself this week, my way of desperately trying to make lemonade out of all these sour lemon goodbyes.

Does the flower bloom solely with intent to die, seed, and flower again? What would it look like if I bloomed to such a purpose?

Life is full of these uncomfortable transformations, making chrysalises out of new relationships, new jobs, new schedules, kids, moves, deaths, and anything else you could possibly imagine. Lucky for us our God is in the business of resurrection, hmm?

There have been a lot of little deaths this week. And so I’ll hold on to my front row seat and wait for the life.

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  1. mmmm… LOVE it. So good. The Gospel is only good news to the un-able, disappointed, broken people that know they need it. New life will happen. Better to experience it than to just read about it. Can’t wait for your reports from you front row seat.


  2. Ah Barbara, yes! Uncomfortable transformations have been many and I am SO thankful for the resurrection that follows the dying. (Also thankful to have discovered your blog- captivated by the way you use your gift of honesty, use of captivating words, and that it points back to Christ… thanks for refreshing me.)


  3. Barbara, you are simply amazing. I was speechless about your days 1,2,3 & come on you have to be kidding days….like was this for real? Not science fiction. the real deal.


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