Another Zombie Poem for Your Weekend…


I wonder if those drug commercials on the TV actually work. I’m always left shocked by the sheer quantity of side effects and with only a vague idea of what the drug was supposed to be helping in the first place.

It looks like a lot of fun to go gamboling in the meadow with attractive people on sunny days. Fun enough to experience brain bleeds and incontinence? Maybe not. What if we throw in a row on the lake? Well… Horseback riding? Hmm…

Here is a poem to serve as a reminder to us all:



If it were a thing that I could
I would
Bottle it and
Sell it on the shelves in south beach.
And the imperfectly weighted
Would buy astonishing amounts
And laud the attributes of this
The perfect pill.
And they would extol their thinning limbs
And admire the caverns beneath their cheekbones
Never bothering to read the warning label that
“Side effects may include
Soulless immortality.”

reworked zombie diet

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