Insistent Ambition…


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I am disproportionately ambitious for my skill. I overreach. I dream big.

I don’t think this is a bad thing. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be, propelled down the path from mediocrity by sheer sweat and will?

But sometimes…

Sometimes, this inhibits my seeing the projects at my feet. Maybe these assignments serve a smaller sphere? Maybe they are a favor for a friend?

If getting better is done by quantity alone, there is one way “there” and that is “through”.

I recently said “yes” to three small artistic projects I felt a prompting to do.

I wrote a letter to a friend.

I made a small linocut for a new baby.

And a small mixed media piece inspired by a name.

They were three gifts for three individuals.

Only three were gifted, but more deeply, maybe, than if I had diluted the art into generalizations for a mass of hundreds?

I want to do big things. But who’s to say which changes the landscape more, a diffuse delta or a solitary river?

For now I’ll be the faithful servant with the talents. I’ll take the parable at its promise and freely invest as much as I can, wherever I can. Maybe the more I say “yes”, the more will be assigned to me by my Muse and Master, capital “M”?

And now a prayer to my Muse: Keep ‘em coming. I got this.

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