Morning Song…


Allow me to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine named Rachel Wagner. She is a writer, singer, songwriter, and burns genius in a lot of other areas, too. She is married and has four children. This video is her first music video and she did it herself. She did it in bits and pieces while her kids were at school and her husband was at work. She did it in between loads of laundry and maybe instead of mopping the floor that one time.

I love how the video conveys that patchwork so well, bits and pieces. Bits and pieces of ordinary that come together to make the music of a spectacular life faithfully lived. Little squares of common beauty brought in to be part of a greater melody. This video helps me to remember that the little beauties and humble tasks of my day are combining to paint a bigger picture of beauty.

This song quiets my soul when I’m irritable and lifts it when I am low. I find that I listen to it frequently on Monday mornings when I am usually both. I have come to call it my Monday Morning Song. May it bless your Monday morning.

Go see Rachel!

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