An Acorn…


Today’s sermon was on God’s promise to Abraham. He told him, “Look at the stars, count them if you are able. …So shall your descendants be.” (Genesis 15:5) He told him this when Abraham didn’t have any children.

And what has God promised me, that He will do something big with what he’s given me, that my talent and motivation were not an accident or oversight, but will serve a purpose?

Do I laugh like Sarah, “Yeah, right! When? With what time? When exactly is all this gonna come about, all this productivity?”

But, then, Abraham never saw these descendants as numerous as the stars. He only had one son. Even if I don’t see the end result, maybe just have one tiny little offspring, one tiny little novel, one tiny little body of artwork. I must still believe God, that my purpose is global and my efforts in Him, eternal.

This is my righteousness, like Abraham, that I believe God. That I move forward in faith, acting like I believe what he says.

So, I will bury my ambition and my dreams deep like a little seed in rich earth. Not with faith in my own drive to make the time and make it happen, but in Christ, and His time. And I will trust.

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